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Lollicat Retirees

Here you'll find the moms & dads who have gone to live the rest of their lives as spoiled pets!

Lollicat Pecan Pie 

Pecan was our sweet little princess, born to Liquorice and Gummi in the fall of 2014. We intended to keep her back for our breeding program but she was ultimately placed in a loving pet home in southern Florida when we took a break from breeding ragdolls.


HCM DNA Negative


Willowtree Harley Quinn

Harley was from Mable at Willowtree Ragdolls and we were just smitten with this little kitten! She is a seal mitted, but what's unique about her is that she is a split-faced tortie. She has wonderful bright blue eye color and produced kittens in just about every color in the rainbow. That little girl loves to play, but rumbled nonstop throughout. She was adopted by one of our other mommas, Lizzy, as her kitten and were inseparable. Thanks Mable for this adorable baby!



Rockcreek Liquorice aka "Lizzy"


Lizzy came to us at almost a year old from Jane over at Rockcreek Ranch. We were very lucky to have this girl! Lizzy is a beautiful seal mitted girl with stunning eye color that is almost a navy blue towards the center. You cant help but stare into those large, soulful eyes. Her dark points are also richly colored which just makes her the whole package! We've started referring to her as 'the momma' because she grooms and takes care of everyone. She even likes to groom us humans when she cuddles with us. She has an incredible pedigree and made a wonderful addition to our lollicat family.


Lollicat Mochi


Mochi was born and raised in our home and is a daughter from our very first litter. Like her retired momma Cece, she's a blue bicolor. Mochi is named after a Japanese dessert due to her deliciously sweet personality. She is incredibly outgoing and playful and we knew she was a keeper right from the beginning! She would venture out from her momma and littermates to folllow us around the house at just 4 weeks old. She has a particular attachment to the human kids in our home. Mochi has a perfectly marked coat which is soft and dense along with a gorgeous fluffy tail. She is a nice sized girl with great body type and boning. Mochi attended her first cat show and got 2nd best of breed from multiple judges and we couldnt be prouder! 

DNA HCM negative through parentage


Lollicat Tootsie

Tootsie is our seal colorpoint beauty. She is Mochi's daughter from her first litter. She has a very soft, gorgeous coat that never needs to be groomed and is super sweet to the bone! Tootsie doesn't mind being carried around by us and is super laid back. She is the floppiest ragdoll you'll ever meet! We literally have to scoot her out of the way when walking by cause she wont move a muscle. She loves human kids immensely just like her mommy, Mochi. Tootsie has gotten several best of breed nods and even finalled with 3rd best all breed kitten. 


DNA HCM negative through parentage


Champion Rockcreek Gummibear of Lollicat



We brought home this outstanding boy from Rockcreek Ranch. He is an absolutely stunning blue mitted with electric blue eyes, perfect markings and a beautiful sweet face! Remarkably, his personality is just as awesome as his appearance. He is incredibly sweet, quick to purr and ever so gentle during play time. He has matured very nicely into a densely coated and muscly man but still has that gorgeous little kitten face. Gummi has done very well in the show hall in the kitten class. He has finalled 3 times between 3 shows receiving 4th, 5th and 6th best allbreed kitten. Recently Gummi became a Champion at his first show in the adult class. We are proud of him.

Titles and Awards


Ceci is our blue bi-color and one of our foundation mommas. She is a very large girl with a dense coat and solid build. She has a sweet face, big expressive eyes and the cutest little white tip at the end of her tail! Her nickname is "Sweet C" because she's a total tenderheart and is the most gentle of all our mommies. She's a big talker and loved to chat with us in her little kitten voice. Ceci's kittens have been just as strikingly beautiful and sweet as her. She was retired after just a few litters and is the mother of our current queen Mochi. She was one of our all-time favorite cats and has gone to live with relatives of ours so we would always be able to visit with her. 

DNA tested HCM Negative



Skye was our blue mitted queen and boasted the wonderful laid-back Ragdoll temperament with her humans. Not much phased Skye, and she doesn't mind wet kisses from toddlers or little hands carrying her around like...well...a ragdoll! She is happy just as long as she is the center of your universe. She is long and lean in stature with a super soft, medium-length coat. She lives up to her name with her intense sapphire blue eyes. Skye is very happy in her new home!


HCM Negative through parentage


USA Purrs Nova

Nova is a blue mitted beauty with a floofy coat and delicate disposition. She comes from purely traditional lines leading all the way back to Ann Baker's original cats. She is on the petite side but her eye color is just jaw dropping. She is quick to purr, very much has chosen me as her human and can sometimes gets a bit jealous when attention is diverted away from her lol. Like a true a ragdoll, she is always under foot following us around for maximum love! Sadly due to uterine deformity, she never produced kittens for us. She is now living as a pet in her new home with her sister Luna.



DNA Test Results

USA Purrs Luna

Luna is a seal mitted. This gorgeous lady boasts a lovely eye color and fantastically laid back, anything goes personality. Luna is not only stunning and sweet but has a silly side. She plays fetch with us and will walk around with her ball in her mouth meowing to let us know she wanted to play. Has a special affinity for my eldest (teen) child and loves to be carried around like a baby. She also comes from purely traditional lines. Sadly due to uterine deformity, she never produced kittens for us but is living in a pet home with her sister Nova.


DNA Test Results

Queen of Hearts Prince Merlin Atlas


Merlin was our beautifully dark boy and the foundation stud for our cattery. He has a super soft coat extremely dark coat and a wonderfully sweet personality that he passed on to all of his babies. Mermer, as our daughter called him, would flop onto his belly to receive pets and headbutt us affectionately with his large head. Merlin is the father of two of our girls, Mochi and Cupcake and as you can see he passed on some of his awesome traits to carry on his lineage.


HCM Negative through parentage

Double Grand Champion
USA Purrs Follow Your Heart 
aka "Muffin"


Muffin is probably the most lovable intact male we've had with a perfect temperament. He is just sweet, mellow and a true gentle giant. He doesn't spray nor is he "hormonal" in personality like some boys get. He loves to headbutt and get belly rubs. Muffin is wonderfully muscular, has a dense body and a nice big head. Both his mother and father were Quadruple Grand Champions and he himself boasts a Double Grand Champion title. Sadly Muffin never produced kittens for us and had to be neutered. He is living as a pet with Ngan. HCM/PKD Negative


Titles and Awards

DNA Test Results

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