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phone: (818) 835-CATS
         (818) 835-2287

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We are a small hobby breeder of Ragdoll cats in Phoenix, Arizona. We are about about 5 hrs from Los Angeles, 5 from San Diego, 2 hrs to Tucson, and 5 hrs to Las Vegas. 

I am a mixed media artist and work part time in marketing. I have always had a special connection and respect for animals.....cats in particular..... Several years ago, I rescued animals and volunteered for the humane society in my hometown of Los Angeles. I've also fostered countless animals in the past......cats, rats, and even a possum! I got my first Ragdoll, Samson, about 12 years ago and decided I HAD to share this breed with the world! 

Breeding and showing Ragdolls is not just a job or source of dependable income for us. It is a very expensive hobby that I am passionate about. While it is work, we don't do it to 'get rich'. 

Lollicats is a CFA & TICA registered cattery and we abide by The International Cat Association's code of ethics. We are members of TICA's Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program, Ragdoll Fanciers Club International and Ragdoll International. 


We recommend you avoid doing business with backyard breeders or kitten scammers whose websites seem suspicious. A good breeder doesn't generally advertise without a social media presence. They will also make themselves available to you. This means providing their phone number, meeting in person, providing videos and responding to inquiries in a timely manner. A good breeder will stay in touch and stand by you THROUGH THE LIFE OF YOUR CAT.  You will find that many breeders do not honor their own contracts or stand by the health and temperament of their cats after they are placed in homes. We have horror stories of people we dealt with starting out.

If you choose not to do business with us for whatever reason and are looking for recommendations, we will  be happy to point you to several reputable breeders throughout the country and region.

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