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Preparing for your new kitty!

A new kitty is a big responsibility. Many seemingly innocuous items in our homes can be dangerous to kittens. Like human babies, kittens can choke on small objects or chew on exposed wires. Be sure to kitten-proof your home before your new baby's arrival. If you need tips and suggestions feel free to contact us.

Household plants are also a concern. Click here for the ASPCA's list of plants that are toxic to cats.

We never declaw our cats. Learn about why you shouldn't declaw your kitten.


Below is a list of necessities for your new kitten along with some recommendations. We don't get paid to advertise, this is stuff we actually use.

Click to download our printable kitten checklist




High nutritional value and fat content is necessary for nursing mommies and growing babies. We send our kittens home with a small bag of the food we are currently using. If you decide to switch brands, mix our current brand in with your choice of food for a few days. Sometimes switching too abruptly can cause tummy upset and loose stools.

Natural Balance Green Pea and Salmon is an excellent allergen-free food and costs a lot less than most premium brands. They don't offer a kitten formula but it is still highly nutritious for use as an adult cat food.


Wellness Core

We "free-feed" this food to our kitties, meaning we have it out and available to them. It is grain free and one of the best mass produced pet foods on the market right now.

Stella and Chewys Chicken Dinner

This is freeze dried human grade raw chicken. Initially you may be turned off by the "raw" factor but its not yucky, slimy, germ-filled, salmonella carrying nastiness. It's freeze dried, the cats are NUTS about it and it is THE BEST FOOD besides traditional raw for your cat. Raw chicken and rabbit is the best diet for all cats, though it isn't always feasible for us who are a bit squeamish about handling and acquiring raw meat. This takes the gross factor out of the equation. You can use this instead of wet canned food and also as a treat. Even if you don't decide to feed this regularly, please please make sure your kitty has access to freeze dried raw treats.


****Note: You can find these foods at any specialty pet store like Petco, Petsmart, Amazon or While markedly more expensive than 'store brand' foods, they are well worth the money. Overall, cats fed high-quality food eat less than they would need to eat of the "off-brand" foods that contain a high amount of filler. Be a smart consumer and do your research. 


In the long run, you are spending about the same as you would feeding them lower quality foods but they will live longer, healthier lives and be less prone to gastro-intestinal upset (diarrhea), diabetes, obesity, and kidney disease later in life.


If you do decide to change brands watch the labeling and make sure that the first ingredient is meat, not corn or other grain. Wet food containing mostly meat or freeze dried raw should be included in their diet as well and these brands make great wet food varieties.



Use ceramic or stainless steel bowls for food and water because plastic can harbor bacteria and cause acne and allergic reactions in some cats. 

If you want to go a step further, you can get your kitty a fountain. Cats love to drink fresh, running water in fact, they love it so much they may resort to drink the running water from your toilet. To avoid this, we use the a stainless steel pet fountain. They love it and it's pretty quiet.


Litter & Litter Box

Cats like privacy and we like their litter to stay *in* the box, so a covered box keeps us all happy. We use the cheap walmart brand crystal litter. It's only there to catch poop, no need to get fancy with it. Don't forget a scoop!

Scratching Post

Every cat needs a scratching post.... or you can let them claw your couch. Either way is fine with them, but if you're like us and care about your furniture, get them a tree.
They can be simple ....or elaborate and quite pricey. As long as there is a tall perch and a sisal post they are quite happy.


Kittens love toys. Laser pointers are an interesting way to find out exactly how high your cat can jump (you'd be surprised). Small balls with bells or glitter are fun too. In our house, the Bergan Turbo Cat Scratcher is favored by kittens and adults alike and finally, don't forget the feather toys and teaser wands!



​We feed our kitties freeze dried chicken, or chicken jerky. These seem to be an all around hit with every cat.




​This is just personal preference. Pick the size and style that suits your needs. If you are purchasing a kitten from us and they are getting shipped to you, we will provide an airline approved carrier.

Curbing Behavior

First off, never uppercut, ninjakick, or backhand your kitten. If your kitten starts scratching furniture, climbing a counter or peeing on a rug (that really tied the room together).... a good way to discourage undesired behavior is to first, make sure you have provided appropriate places to scratch and climb (ie Cat Tree). If your cat continues to smugly defy you (as they are known to do), a small water spray bottle and a sharp accompanying "PSSSST!" noise will do the trick. Even if your cat likes water, I assure you they won't enjoy a stream of water to the face. After a while, all you'll have have to do is make the 'psst' sound or point the water gun in their direction and they'll stop dead in their tracks (and proceed to secretly plot your doom). Some people recommend animal deterrent sprays, but I've never had much success with them.



Make sure you regularly clip their nails and if you start early, your cat will hate you less for it. There's also the added bonus that your arms wont look like they got stuck in a garbage disposal while it was turned on if you get them used to it from a young age. We use pet nail clippers, but human nail clippers will also work. Just be careful to avoid the quick (the vein inside the nail). Ragdolls require little maintenance compared with other long-haired breeds and generally do not mat but can at times in their arm and leg pits. A weekly brushing with a pin brush will keep the shedding to a minimum. Some owners do prefer to give their babies a lion cut (due to our hot climate, we shave our very long haired breeding cats).

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