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Meet the moms & dads!

Below you'll find pics of our resident kitties. Our cats & kittens are raised in our home, underfoot as members of our family. Our adult cats are regularly screened for disease, parasites & hereditary defects to ensure your kitten comes home to you happy and healthy.

Lollicat Mommies

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Creekcats Sierra


Sierra is one of our new future queens from our good friend Roxann at Creekcats. Sierra is a gorgeous blue lynx mitted who has a rather delicate personality just like her mom, Malibu. Despite her wild look, she is incredibly gentle, cuddly and sweet. Her favorite activity is baking biscuits. She has extremely dark blue eyes which will contrast well when her full lynx pattern comes in. We will be breeding her in 2024


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Champion Creekcats Hollywood


Holly is a blue mitted just like Nova. What makes Holly unique is the tiny little patch of fur called a 'blaze' on her forehead (we call it her star and frequently use it as a target for smooches). Holly is extremely intelligent, the pioneer amongst her littermates for solid food, litterbox training and getting into trouble ;)

She is playful, spritely, and a big cuddler like momma. She does aa hilarious little dance when she drinks water. She will be bred in 2024


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Champion Creekcats Big Sur aka "Suri"

Suri is a blue and cream colored tortie. She has HUGE loving eyes and adorable expression. My husband has started calling her mooncalf (after a large eyed critter from a video game) and she has the most luxuriously fluffy tail. She is a middle ground to Holly's playfulness and Sierra's sweetness. She loves laps and sleeping on her humans. She is very talkative and announces her arrival by meowing before jumping onto your lap.


DNA test results

Lollicat Daddies

New Lollicat Daddy Coming soon.
In Loving Memory:
Lollicat Samson


Samson was the kitty that started it all for us. He was our very first Ragdoll and the reason we fell in love with the breed. He was a seal mitted with a teeny little blaze and a ridiculously shiny, soft coat. He was neutered, but still very fatherly to our many kittens and human babies through the years. He was 13 lbs with a nice muscular build. Samson loved to play with his humans and played hide 'n' seek with them often when he was younger. He was the very definition of 'puppy cat' and followed me everywhere and was as cuddly as a stuffed animal with me at bed time. He kneaded and nursed my blanket leaving little drool patches, haha. Samson knew he ruled the roost and my heart. He was truly like one of our own children. Samson passed away spring of 2022 and it was a devastating loss for us. He once again is the reason we went back into breeding Ragdolls. We cannot imagine our lives without this breed. RIP my sweet boy.


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