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Our Ragdoll Colors & Patterns

Below you can learn about the various colors and patterns of our Ragdolls. Every Ragdoll is born white and gradually darken as they mature. Ragdolls usually reach their final adult color at around 3-5 years of age. Please be patient as we are still working on this page :)



Colorpoint kitties have dark points on their extremities. Their feet, tail, and face are dark and their body is a lighter shade of the color that is on their points. Colorpoint Ragdolls should have no white on their bodies.



Mitted Ragdolls have dark points on their feet, tails, and face just like the colorpoint. Unlike the colorpoint, mitteds have white "mittens" on their feet as well as a white chin, "bib" area and belly. Some mitted Ragdolls have a "blaze" which is a vertical white stripe on the bridge of the nose. The blaze can be a line, diamond, or hourglass in shape.


Bicolors are mostly white in color. The inverted "V" of color on their faces is sometimes referred to as a "mask" similar to a raccoon. The tail, ears, and mask is pointed with color. Some Bicolors can have darker patches similar to "saddles" on their backs and/or legs, but the majority of their body color will be white.



"Seal" ragdolls have dark brown points. Their bodies are usually light to dark beige with some spots of white depending on the pattern. Seal Bicolors will have a mostly white body with dark beige or brown patches of color. Some seal kitties have points that are so dark they appear almost black.


"Blue" kitties have gray points and can have a slightly cream colored undertone when they are young. Their bodies are very light gray/cream colored in mitted and colorpoint patterns. Blue Bi-colors will have a mostly white body with gray points and patches of lighter gray. The point coloring (face, tail) will be a dark silvery gray which is classified as a blue.

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